LLC Krasnodarneftegaz is a leader in the process of high-quality modernization and innovative changes in the Russian oil and gas industry.


The Company is focusing its efforts on developing the intellectual and technological potential of the industry based on a powerful foundation of Russia’s petroleum academic school – one of the best in the world – and in partnership with leading international oil and gas companies.


Technological leadership is achieved through innovation activity, which requires consistent introduction of cutting edge technologies and equipment, utilization of the world's best practices, improved quality of management and business processes, and constant improvement of staff competencies.


LLC Krasnodarneftegaz realizes that innovation is critical for Company development and it strives to enhance its research capability working in close contact with the industry's leading research and educational institutions and small and medium-size innovation companies.


LLC Krasnodarneftegaz aims to become the world’s technology leader in the energy industry. In order to achieve this goal, the Company is consistently working on the implementation of its Innovation Development Program.


LLC Krasnodarneftegaz Development Program is an essential element of its development concept. The Company innovation efforts are designed to modernize its operations base and develop and implement new technologies aimed to help the Company achieve its operational objectives. Those include reserves replenishment, recovery efficiency enhancement, full utilization of associated gas, effective implementation of offshore projects, deeper oil refining, higher energy efficiency, lower capital and operating costs, and environmental and industrial safety assurance. LLC Krasnodarneftegaz Innovative Development Program is called to meet the global challenges faced by the Company and help the Company achieve its strategic goals.


The Company Innovative Development Program goals are as follows:

Develop as a high technology energy company.

Gain technical leadership in key competencies: petroleum production and refining.

Maintain unit capital and operating costs at the world's best performance level.

Improve operations energy efficiency to achieve world's best performance level.

Meet world's highest standards in environmental and industrial safety.