LLC Krasnodarneftegaz Controls the high numbers of amount on saftey tipes within the environment. We have our own spectacles who watched areas of productions in a high sensitive infastructural material services. 

We spend a huge amount of finance to ensure all areas of productions are secured and risk feee from humans. Environmental protection and safety are among LLC Krasnodarneftegaz top priorities. 


To ensure best performance in this area, the Company constantly develops approaches to environmental management, and increases the scale of environmental activities and environmental funding. In 2014, LLC Krasnodarneftegaz Board of Directors set the strategic goal of becoming a recognized environmental leader among global oil and gas companies by 2050, as part of the approved Development Strategy and Long-Term Development Program.

The Company’s environmental performance indicators through 2018 were defined in the course of preparation of the Long-Term Development Program.

LLC Krasnordaneftegaz designed in sacurity management system, which includes various stable of policy in the field of industrial safety, which in turn, approved the plant's management. The resulting document, among other things, makes demands to the level of evironmental staff training to ensure performance of the main production processes of the plant.


To ensure compliance with the environmental legislation, the Company operates a multi-tier system of internal operational control that provides for timely prevention, identification and countering environmental non-compliances, as well as planning actions to eliminate identified non-compliances. The total capital expenditure on environmental protection in 2014 amounted to RUB 36.9 bn. Apart from Kraimoria’s Targeted Environmental Program and Environmental Legacy Program, projects that have a significant environmental effect will be financed within the framework of the Investment Gas Program and Pipeline Reliability Improvement Program.