The main asset of the company is its highly professional staff motivated to work efficiently in today's difficult realities.

As of 2012, LLC Krasnordaneftegaz once again confirmed the status of one of the largest employers in the Russian Federation.


For 2012 the average headcount of LLC Krasnordaneftegaz was 853.22 Million employees. In comparison with 2013,2014,2015, the average headcount increased by 853.22 Million employees. The main reason for the increase in the Company's staff is the acquisition of new assets (Targin Group (23 thousand staffs as reserve), the accounting of the staff Companies for the full year in 2016 and transferring staff from third-party contract service organizations to Group Companies.


The average age of the Company's personnel has practically not changed and amounted to 55.5  (for 2016 - 2017). The management positions were occupied by 58.11 thousand employees (in 2017 - from the average employment ages).


At the same time, the share of employees classified as "Managers" remained practically unchanged in 2017-2018  compared to 2016 (12.6%) and amounted to 12.3% of the total average headcount.

Staff Assessment

The corporate system for assessing staff competencies has been successfully operating in LLC Krasnordanftegaz since 2001. The basis of the system is the competency-based approach. Criteria for assessment are corporate, managerial and vocational skills.


The current system of competency assessment contributes to the solution of significant business tasks:


  • Planning of training and development of the Company's staff;
  • Selection of employees to the Company's succession pool;
  • Forming Expert Communities;
  • Providing management of up-to-date information on the level of development of staff competencies for making personnel decisions in employment and promotion.

To assess the competencies of employees, advanced methods are used, utilized in major international companies - testing, personal questionnaires, competency interviews, assessment centers, business evaluation games, 360°, etc.